OZ-20 Portable Dissolved Ozone Meter

OZ-30 Portable Gas Phase Ozone Meter

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Handheld Ozone meter

Process DO transmitters

The OZ-20 Ozone meter is for dissolved ozone measurement in water.

The OZ-30 Ozone meter is for measurement of ozone in a gas phase.

These units use a polarographic membrane type technique for measuring so that reagents are not required for analysis.

Ozone is used primarily for disinfection purposes and the concentration needs to be accurately measured and monitored since it is considered a hazardous material.

These meters can be field operated. The LCD display shows all appropriate parameters and an easy to follow calibration procedure. Calibration is generally done by air or iodine titration.

Features Include:
- Accurate Measurement
- 3 selectable ranges
- Easy calibration with air.
- Moisture proof unit.
- Excellent stability for long periods of time.
- Flow cell option for online applications or increased accuracy
- Rugged compact sensor with standard 2 meter cable.
- Equipped with an outlet for a recorder as standard accessory.

- AC/DC Power Source Selection.


Measuring Method Polarographic Membrane Type
Indication LCD Display
Range: OZ-20: 0 ug/l to 20 mg/l , 3 ranges selectable (0-200ug/l, 0-2mg/l, 0-20mg/l)
OZ-30: 0 g/m3 to 200 g/m3, 3 ranges selectable (0-2, 0-20, 0-200g/m3)
Response: OZ-20: (0-199.9ug/l, 0-1.999mg/l, 0-19.99mg/l)
OZ-30: (0-1.999, 0-19.99, 0-199.9g/m3)
Response: 90% within 30 sec. at 25 C.
Temperature Compensation Automatic
Temp range of solution 5-45 degrees C.
Repeatabilty +/- 2% +1digit at full scale (at const. temp.)
Analog Output 0 - 1 V at each range, 0-full scale
Power Source 6x "C" cells or AC adapter (option)
Dimensions / weight Main Body: 250mm(W) x 160(H) x 95(D)
Approx.: 2.1 Kgs
Sensor: 25(diam) x 147mm(L)

Standard Accessories:

Dissolved Ozone Sensor, OZE-2202 for OZ-20 or OZE-2203 for OZ-30 1 pce
AC Adapter, 110 VAC, YD-12 1 pce
Analog output cable DO-1L 1 pce
Shoulder Belt 1 pce
Batteries (UM-2) "C" cells 6 pcs
Instruction Manual 1 copy

Main Unit Ordering Information

OZ-20-0-S Portable Ozone Meter for Dissolved Ozone
Portable meter with digital LCD display which measures Ozone. Unit comes complete with sensor (OZE-2202 2m cable), shoulder belt, manual, AC adapter and batteries.
OZ-30-0-S Portable Ozone Meter for Gas Phase
Portable meter with digital LCD display which measures Ozone. Unit comes complete with sensor (OZE-2203 2m cable), shoulder belt, manual, AC adapter and batteries.

Accessory and Consumable Information for OZ-20

OZ-1FL Flow Cell. 0.1 l/min to 2 l/min, under 5Kg/cm2 G, SUS316
DO-C-30 Carrying Case
OZE-2202 Ozone Electrode for OZ-20
OZE-2203 Ozone Electrode for OZ-30
ZCT-2030 Ozone Electrode Membrane Cartridge (5/pcs/box)
R-8 Electrolyte solution for Ozone Electrode (50ml)
Polishing Paper for working Electrode
Polishing Paper for counter Electrode
P-24 O-ring
S-16 O-ring

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