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- Potentiometric Titration Systems
- Salt / Chloride Analyzer
- Sugar Analyzer

- pH/ORP Lab Meters
- Conductivity Lab Meters
- Ion Lab Meters
- Dissolved Oxygen Meters
- Ion Analyzer
- Automatic Burets

- pH, ORP, Ion, Conductivity
- Combined Meters
- Ultra Pure Water CM Meters
- Multiparameter Water Quality
- Residual Chlorine Meters
- Turbidity Meters
- Dissolved Oxygen Meters
- Ultra low DO Meters
- Ozone Meters
- Carbon Dioxide Meter
- Surface Salinity Meter
- Electromagnetic Conc. Meter

- pH/ORP Meters/Monitors
- Conductivity Meters/Monitors
- Electromagnetic Concentration Meters/Monitors
- Resistivity Meters/monitors
- Dissolved Oxygen Meters/Monitors
- Ozone Meters
- Process Titration
- Near Infra-Red Moisture Meter



-Multi-Parameter Municipal Distribution Water Monitor, Reagent-free. (Chlorine, pH, Cond, Turbidity, Color, Pressure, and Temp.)
- Reagentless Residual Chlorine
- Free/total Chlorine monitors
- TOC analyzer
- Fluoride Monitors
- Turbidity monitor
- COD/BOD Monitors
- Organic Pollution Monitor
- Oil on Water Monitor
- Oil in Water Monitor

Need to comply with Fluoride monitoring requirements.
Consider our Fluoride monitors

For a complete listing of our products, please review our product line guide.
New surface salinity specifications for NACE SP0508-2010 compliance! "Analyzers for City Water" , showcases the water quality analysis products from DKK-TOA. (pdf)

New Products from Analyticon

New! TB-31 Portable Turbidity Meter
With immersion type sensor for easy field measurement

The new TB-31 turbidity meter has a 1000 data memory, low power consumption , and interval logging capability with software for a PC and Printer. It has dual measuring ranges for increased accuracy to 0.5 NTU



-Range 0-800 NTU Dual Range
-Depth to 50 meters
-Low power consumption. 120 hours with std AA batteries.
-1000 Data point memory. Also interval logging availability from 1 second to 100 hrs.
-RS-232 for Connection to PC and Printer.

More information: TB-31 portable turbidity meter or Literature as a pdf


New! RC-31P Residual Chlorine Meter
Portable meter for free residual measurement using a polarographic sensor
without reagents or membrane/fill solutions

The new RC-31P meter has a 1000 data point memory, low power consumption with Ni-H battery option, sensor memory and superior expandability with software for a PC and Printer. Diffusion is created by oscillation, not diffusion through a membrane. Amperometric end point detection eliminates the need for reagents.



-Range 0-2mg/l (ppm) free residual chlorine.
-Grab sample and flow thru type sensors available.
-Low power consumption with Li-H battery option.
-1000 Data point memory. Also interval logging availability from 1 second to 100 hrs.
-Sensor constant memory
-RS-232 for Connection to PC and Printer.

More information: RC-31P Free residual chlorine meter or Literature as a pdf

Also check out our
High Range (20-300ppm) RC-37P Disinfection water information


Featured Products from Analyticon


AUT-701 Automatic Titrator
Single or Simultaneous Dual Titration capability
Fully Expandable for all types of Applications with network capability

The AUT-701 Titrator is a high performance microprocessor controlled titration system which will perform many types of titration routines. It has the ability to run two seperate titrations concurrently while processing the data independently. A USB interface and network/LAN connectivity interface is standard. Use as a single station titrator or run up to two sample handling systems concurrently with up to ten burettes. User access with password protection can be enabled and complete sensor calibration data tracking for validation/ pharmaceutical applications is available.

AUT-701 image


  • pH, Redox, Set point, inflection point, pKa, pH stat, Amperometric, Conductometric, and Photometric Titrations can be performed.
  • Use up to (10) ABT-7 burets to Perform linked titrations and automated sequential titrations using different titration methods, preamplifiers, electrodes, burets and samples. Fully programmable for the most complex procedures.
  • New titration control for fast analysis time.
  • Conforms to GLP requirements. Includes a complete electrode confirmation and replacement routine for compliance and validation.
  • Results memory for 100 measured samples and total re-analysis function of previous data for 40 results.
  • True Multi-tasking operation. Modify and re-analyze data while titration is being performed.
  • True bi-directional RS-232 operation. USB and LAN Ethernet are standard.
  • Options include a multi-sampler for 12, 24, or 36 samples, Balance Interface, Computer interface, External printer and Multiple preamplifiers (For multi-electrode analysis)
  • Pre-defined(20 fixed) and User defined methods(40) are fully programmable and available. The system includes 20 Linked Modes, Buret Dispense modes, Calibration Mode and Potential measurement Mode(s) as Standard.

More information: AUT-701 titrator or Literature as a pdf

T-70 Series Potentiometric Titrators
TA-70 for Acidity, TS-70 for Salt/Chloride, TP-70 simple Potentiometric Titrations
Low cost and Simple to use

The T-70 series titrators and designed with a specific application function in mind. They are simple to use potentiometric titrators which are ideal for the basic QA/QC lab where a specific method is performed. They can accomodate our sampling system and Data output via RS-232 to our software for spreadsheet use.

-TA-70 for Acidity titrations
-TS-70 for volumetric AgNO3 salt/chloride titrations

-TP-70 for simple potentiometric titrations

-Lower cost, high performance

-Easy to use with low profile
-Multi-sampler interface is possible
-Data control via RS-232 to PC/software available.

-Great for food labs or other QC/QA labs!

more T-70 series information...or literature as a PDF
T-70 Series titrators

SAT-500 Coulometric Salt Analyzer

The SAT-500 chloride analyzer is designed as a simple to use QA/QC tool to measure salt levels in foods or other sample types. The coulometric titration procedure for chloride allows for very fast and accurate analysis. There is no AgNO3 reagent to calibrate since the silver for titration is electrically generated . A specific ion electrode is not used. Measurement is completed in seconds with accurate measurement to ppm levels and the result printed out along with the date and time.

-Perfect for food salt measurement
-Less than 30 second salt analysis

-Pipette sample into cell, press start, and read result in seconds.
-Direct concentration readout on display and printer.

-Simple, fast, and accurate.

-Data control via RS-232 to PC/software available.

more SAT-500 information...
SAT-210 Salt Analyzer

The R-Series Benchtop Meters for pH, Conductivity, and Multi-Parameter
Measurement (pH, ORP, Ion, Cond., and Dissolved Oxygen)

The DKK-TOA R series Benchtop meters are unmatched with features and functionality for complete laboratory analysis. The DKK-TOA patented sensor technology with electrode memory (Pat. #US 6,173,600B1,Jan 2001) has an individual memory chip in each sensor for GLP/GMP data validation and tracking of sensor type, ID, calibration data, cell constant and date. Exclusively from Analyticon/DKK-TOA!
The meters include an RS-232 and USB port with optional software and conform to CFR 21 Part 11 validation and networking requirements. Complete automated sampling systems also available.

MM-60R Multiparameter pH, ORP, Ion, Conductivity, and Dissolved Oxygen

MM-60R Multi-Parameter Meter:Product Information
HM-30R / HM-25R pH meter: Product Information
CM-30R / CM-25R conductivity meter: Product Information

Literature (PDF) for R-series meters

Featured Portable / Handheld Products

Portable P-30 Series Water Quality Meters
8 new handheld meters for pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, and Ion measurement
with dual sensor capability

The P-30 series meters exhibit a new era of our handheld meter line. Expanded 100 data point memory, low power consumption with Ni-H battery option, dual channel meters for multiple parameter measurement, sensor memory for calibration history, and superior expandability with soiftware to PC/spreadsheet, Printers, recorders and other peripherals.


-8 different meters available with single and dual sensor availability.

-Low power consumption with Li-H battery option.
-1000 Data point memory. Also interval logging availability from 1 second to 100 hrs.

-Sensor memory for Sensor ID and calibration history.
-Sensor incorporates "built in float" for monitoring internal reference fill solution.

-Connection to Peripheral Devices such as printers, personal computers, etc. Software is available for data download to a PC in spreadsheet format.

More information: P-30 series Portable Meters or Literature as a pdf

OZ-21P Ozone Meter
Reagent Free / Polarographic Sensor

The OZ-21P incorporate a reagent free and membrane free sensor for continuous measurement of Ozone by the use of an innovative membrane free polarographic sensor. Ideal for bottled water measurement of ozone disinfection levels.

OZ-21P Ozone Meter

Designed for Ozone concentration monitoring, Range is 0-2ppm

-Reagent Free! Membrane free! -Low cost! Simple to use!

More Product Information..

Water Quality Monitoring Equipment
WQC-24 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter and Data Logger

The WQC-24 Multiparameter Water Quality Meter can simultaneously measure up to 11 of 17 water quality parameters. The standard instrument (WQC-24-1-1) can measure pH, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Conductivity, TDS, and Salinity.
With the addition of the ion module, additional parameters can be measured including specific ions including nitrate, chloride, fluoride, calcium, potassium, and ammonium ion, chlorophyll and depth.
Remote data logging can be achieved for extended periods of time by the sensor. (35 days @ 15 minute intervals).
The standard probe design, with a 45mm (less than 2 inch) outer diameter, allows for well, lake or sea water monitoring down to 100 meters. The meter features an interface port for connection to a global positioning system (GPS), Local area network(LAN), printer, or PC interface via standard RS-232C. Software control program is available for data control and export to standard spreadsheet.

-Small probe design for use in 2 inch pipe.
-Large LCD Display for easy reading of all parameters
-Built in RS-232 and printer interface.
-GPS interface for location and measured data storage
-Data memory for 3,360 data set results
-Waterproof design, field portable, with many available options.

-Interval measuring function for 30 day remote monitoring at 15 minute intervals

WQC-24 Multiparameter meter information...

Process Monitors and Controllers

New! ODL-1600 Oil on Water pollution monitor
MWB4-70 Multiparameter Water Distribution Monitor

-Used for oil leak detection
-Uses a non contact laser reflectance technique.
-Simple indoor/outdoor installation. Explosion proof model available.
-Used by many major petrochemical and industrial plants and water facilities around the world.

More information...

-Measures pH, Conductivity, Free Chlorine, turbidity, temperature, pressure and color
-Reagent free technology, low flow
-Very small footprint. about 8"x 11"
-4-20mA continuous output, all channels
-Alarm levels and error checking functions

More information ...


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