DO Meter

Single and dual channel meters for pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen and Specific ion measurement.

The P-30 series portable handheld line of meters are widely used for water quality measurement and field measurement work. The line of meters includes a pH meter, ORP meter, Conductivity meter, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, an ion meter and dual combination meters.

DO-31P Dissolved Oxygen Meter

DO Meter Features:

  • 000 point data memory
  • LCD display for all parameters
  • Salinity and atmospheric pressure correction
  • Data print-out capability
  • Automatic Time interval Measurement
  • Water proof housing
  • Data hold function and auto power off
  • Rugged probe design for field measurement
  • High Conc. membrane available for DO: +/-50.0mg/l, 0-500% saturation.

DO Meter Standard Accessories

  • DO Sensor (OE-270AA, 3 Meter cable)
  • Operation manual
  • Battery (2x "AA")

DO Meter Optional Accessories

  • Thermal Printer Unit
  • AC adapter
  • Carrying Case
DO-31P Dissolved Oxygen Meter
DO-31P Dissolved Oxygen Meter

DO-31P Oxygen Meter Specifications

Display LCD Digital Display
Measuring Range D.O.: 0.00 - 19.99mg/l, Saturation %: 0-199%, Temp: 0-50.0 C.
Resolution D.O.: 0.01mg/l, %: 1%, Temp: 0.1 C.
Repeatability (main unit) D.O.: +/-0.03mg/l, Sat. rate %: +/-2%, +/-1 digit
Accuracy Temp: 0-50 C; +/-0.2 C.
Temp. Compensation Automatic
Calibration Zero/ Span
Data Memory 1000 Points
Temp of Sample 0 to 50 C.

General P Series Options and Accessories:

EPS-P30 External Printer unit w/cable, 60mm wide
P000119 Printer paper, 20 rolls/pack.
ORD00001 Ink Ribbon for Printer, 1 pc/pk.
118N062 RS-232 Cable, 2m.
OAA00001 AC adapter
G-LOG2 Data Acquisition software.
118N063 Analog output cable.1.5m (For recorder)
6948810K Electrode stand. (With column and stopper)
OIB00001 Electrode Holder. (Except DO sensor)
OIB00007 Electrode Attachment piece (DP) for all P-30 sensors except DO
OIB00009 Stick holder, 5 meter or more rigid holder
OIB000010 Twin stick holder, 5 meter or more rigid holder
ST-15 Magnetic Stirrer, AC
ST-1A Magnetic Stirrer, DC
SC-10P Soft Carrying Case
ODA00001 Storage Case for storage and carry of main unit, sensor, and other accessories.